Top 10 New Stuffed Animals at Douglas Toys


Discover the amazing world of Douglas Cuddle Toys! We added new products to our already incredible selection of stuffed animals; from horses to hedgehogs and even peacocks! You’re sure to find your new best friend from Douglas. With unbeatable quality and cuteness, you will find many toys to love. All of our animals have realistic, detailed expressions that evoke a sense of connection and adventure.

Top 10 New Products

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Camilla Chinchilla

Camilla Chinchilla should be tired of the shrieks and gasps that come when anyone sees her but she loves the attention and says it will never get old. Luxuriously soft and uniquely colored plush with ears that will just make you melt.



Sly Fennec Fox

He may be the smallest of all the fox breeds but Sly Fennec Fox wins extra points for being the cutest! Look at those ears. Standing 11 inches tall kids will not resist rubbing those ears and adoring that face! We have other fox stuffed animals but this is the first one in a laying down position looking for adventure.



Hunter Pointer

Hunter the German Short Haired Pointer comes from a long line of excellent hunting dogs. His mom decided to take a break from all that hard work and raise Hunter on a farm with endless days of frolicking with his barnyard friends! This stuffed dog is 16 inches long and children will never want him out of their sight.



Bundy Newfoundland

Newfoundlands may be known for their strength and abilities as a working dog but these days Bundy is quite happy lounging on your bed or in your warm arms. His ultra soft and fluffy fur make this stuffed animal the best sleeping partner for a little kid.



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Yuki Arctic Fox

Yuki is in town and he’s taking the cake for the cutest, softest Arctic Fox in the Arctic! He has ultra soft, snow white plush with darker detailing on the ears. Yiki is posed and ready for adventure but is also the perfect cuddle companion.


Zephyr Llama

Zephyr Llama is feeling pretty spiffy in his red and yellow harness. He stands 12 inches tall and will be a favorite stuffed animal for years to come with the realistic look on his face and long, luscious eyelashes.



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Pavo Peacock

You can just see the personality in his eyes. With vibrant colors, Pavo Peacock is making a big, bold statement. Standing at 12 inches tall, this stuffed animal will be cherished forever.


Golden Princess Unicorn

Golden Princess Unicorn in magical, white plush has a stunning brushable mane and tail with gold, glitter and ribbons.  This stuffed unicorn is a perfect companion for sleeping and snuggling; and even comes with a cute pink brush.



Willie Navy Whale

If Moby Dick were navy blue, totally squishable and amazingly soft Willie the Whale would have some serious competition! Perfectly sized for under the sea adventures and sweet cuddles Willie the stuffed navy whale is a classic. Playtime, nursery décor, you name it!


Winky Octopus

Winky the Octopus is gloriously realistic in a majestic inky blue plush like the depths of the ocean. Textured plush on the main body and shimmery silver underneath. A beautiful, exquisite piece.



How To Pick The Right Stuffed Animal


We are proud of our new collection and hope that you fall in love with each and every stuffed animal. These animals provide comfort for children and help develop social skills. We specialize in creating plush toys that help foster language development and encourage empathy and compassionCheck out all our new products and start adding to your collection today


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