Cats & Kittens

These ultra soft plush animals are a perfect gift for kids, adults, and even grandma. Take the cats and kittens, with their sweet faces, wherever you go: in the car, on vacation and even to school. Why do toddlers love these stuffed animals? They are uniquely created stuffed cats and kittens and come in various shapes and sizes!  All the features of these fluffy friends are crafted with impeccable attention to detail, the highest quality materials and of course, the Douglas famous ultra soft plush! If you love cats you will love every option in this collection.

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  • white cat with unicorn horn stuffed animal



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  • Mitzy Himalayan Cat

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  • Shadow Gray Cat

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  • Sweet Thyme Sak with Grey Cat

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  • Purple Caticorn Sak with Caticorn

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  • Best Seller


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  • Gayla Cream Cat

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  • Cat Mask

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  • Snowball White Cat

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  • Nickel Grey Stripe Cat

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  • Navy Floral Sassy Pet Sak with White Cat

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  • Tug Black Cat

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