Old McDouglas had a farm! And filled with amazingly sweet stuffed animals, it was! Start your own stuffed animal farm today with our wide variety of studded animals. We offer Spotted pigs, llamas with amazing eyelashes, sweet cows, chicks, hens and goats galore. Exquisitely designed by our team in New Hampshire (who have many of their own animals!) Complete your collection with Douglas!

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    Natches Paint Horse

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    Otis Guinae Pig

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    Brady Dlux Goat (large)

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    Pineapple Llama Sassy Sak

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  • Ricardo ROOSTER

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  • chicks

    Chick Assortment – Yellow, Brown & Black

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  • Spotted Pig Lil’ Handful

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  • Lamb Lil’ Handful

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  • Stuffed Swan

    Savannah SWAN

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  • Hildy Floppy Lamb


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  • Alice ALPACA

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  • Long haired llama stuffed animal

    Lexi LLAMA

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