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When it comes to games of hide and seek, Winky the realistic plush Octopus is hard to beat! Way down beneath the ocean’s surface, Winky finds narrow crevices of space between craggy rocks where he hides himself. The beautiful dark blue hues of his body blend perfectly into the murky shadows of the deep sea waters. Crafted with specialty materials featuring appealing colors and textures, Winky is an Octopus stuffed animal like no other. Elastic within each of his eight tentacles gives them a fun, lifelike curl and his ice blue eyes feature the horizontal pupils typical of the species. Make friends with Winky and this plush Octopus will share all his hide and seek tricks with you!

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Weight5.3 oz
Dimensions8 × 3 × 6 in

24 Months & Up


17" Long Stretched Out


(43 cm)

Stuffed Toy Size




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Love the Octopus, Not the Customer Service

My order showed as delivered, but was MIA for about a day or so. When I reached out to customer service, they made a smart Alec response that they don’t do the delivery personally and told me to check with the post office, despite the fact that there’s an order and delivery confirmation email that tells you it’s from the post office and provided a tracking number.

Even after I pointed out their response was rude, smart Alec and nonchalant, there was no response.

So, while they seem to make great toys, and I had hopes of adding more to my collection, I’ll never buy from them again. Because if it actually does get lost in transit, they already made their money so they could care less.

Seriously the coolest stuffed animal

I got Winky for my bf’s first surgery (he loves octopi) and he absolutely loves it! Stayed by his side the whole time and still does during his recovery. He is 25, these aren’t just great for kids! Such a well made octopus, I really love it too and think it’s money well spent! Will be going to Douglas for future stuffed animal purchases! :)


Good quality toy but maybe too realistic for my son? He’s scared of it- he preferred the turtle and the penguin!

Carol Gruen

Very happy with Winky Octopus!!

Karen Enns

Winky Octopus