Our dragons are a long-time best selling category! Dragons are traced back in time as far as ancient Egypt and Greek mythology! Throughout history, they were once one of the most feared creatures of the land but you wouldn’t know by Douglas’ collection. Unlike history, ours are softer than ever and we offer unmatched variety. Choose from many colors and patterns as well as shapes. Each animal has huge play value as well as utmost attention to detail and quality. Start your collection today and fall in love with our dragon toys!

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  • Orli Sea Serpent

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  • Eugene Red Dragon

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  • Pink Dragon Lil’ Handful

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  • Navy Dragon Lil’ Handful

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  • Shreya Light and Sound

    Shreya Draon Light & Sound

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  • Kazra light up Dragon

    Best Seller

    Kazra Dragon Light & Sound

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  • Midas Dragon

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  • Large pink dragon stuffed animal by Douglas Cuddle Toys

    Shreya Pink Dragon

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  • dragon mask

    Dragon Mask

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  • Aragon Large Navy Dragon

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  • Faust Silver Dragon

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  • Aragon Navy Dragon

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