Fantasy Friends

Find your new best friend with Douglas Fantasy Friends. We offer a wide selection ranging from wooly mammoths, dinosaurs, and even gingerbread boys and girls! Whatever friend you pick, the quality will never change. Here at Douglas, we strive to provide some of the most life-like stuffed animals while keeping them soft and cuddly. What are you waiting for? Start your Douglas Fantasy Friends collection today!

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    Kash Sasquatch

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    Tatiana Pink Ostrich Fuzzle

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    Phyllis Flamingo Fuzzle

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    Leon Rainbow Hedgehog Fuzzle (large)

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    Kimora Swan with Crown

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    Nahlah Blue Narwhal w/rainbow horn

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    Purple Caticorn Sak with Caticorn

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    Linnea Rainbow Slothicorn

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    Rainbow Sloth Fur Fuzzle Crossbody

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    Yvette Pink Poodle

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    Rainbow Narwhal Sak with Narwhal

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    llamacorn Macaroon

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