Fine Feathered Fuzzles

Don't miss the fantasy and fun of Douglas' wild and colorful Fur Fuzzle Collection! Bright and oh-so fuzzy!

Stuffed Toucan

The Mermaid Collection

Dive into a magical world under the sea with our fantastical plush mermaids and dress-up.

Featured Cuddle Toys

C.C. Bean Chocolate Lab

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Speckles Monk Seal

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Izzy Rainbow Owl

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Best Seller

Spunky Hedgehog, Small

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Cuddles Penguin Chick

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Twinkle Seal

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Cornell Yellow Lab

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Lumber Jack Moose

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Best Seller

Lena Llama

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Abraham Black Lab

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Best Seller

Rambler Coyote

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Elephant Sshlumpie

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Orville Lg Emperor Penguin

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Pink Mermaid Sassy Pet Sak

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Douglas Loves Dogs

Many sizes, breeds and oh-so-soft and cuddly designs! Find your new best friend today.


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