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Supremely soft DOUGLAS Baby

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Douglas Baby... ...My First Best Friend! (all-new products coming soon!)

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Miffy stuffed animal plush


Discover the world of Miffy, now in plush by DOUGLAS! Trend, Classic & Baby Miffy!

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Foodie Macaroons

Fun food characters in squishy soft microfiber! (all-new styles coming soon!)

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Green Friends

All New Collection made from 100% recycled materials!

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Sweet New Animal Designs in the softest fabrics!

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Explore DOUGLAS DLux Collection!

Luxuriously soft and ultra realistic. Created with garment-quality plush fabrics with only the silkiest stuffing inside, these sumptuous plush pals are in a category all their own! Over 30 DLux items including farm, wildlife, dogs & jungle!