Sly Fennec Fox



Sly, our plush Fennec captures all the charm of this graceful Saharan desert fox species. His realistic design showcases the oversized ears that make Fennec Foxes so endearing. A beautiful sandy colored coat combined with the highest quality polyester fill gives Sly shape and durability while still keeping this stuffed animal enticingly soft and cuddly. Sly’s highly lifelike appearance can be attributed to sumptuous airbrushed detailing around the edges of his ears and over his face. Bright, amber colored eyes and a slender snout finished with a black sculpted nose lend him an additional level of realism. Make the lovable Sly yours by bringing him home today. With no need for an exotic pet license, it’s easy to adopt this adorable plush Fennec Fox!

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Weight6.7 oz
Dimensions9 × 11 × 6 in

24 Months & Up


11" With Ears


(29 cm)

Stuffed Toy Size




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Customer Reviews

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Sophia Rose
Exudes Fennec Fox Energy

I had recently watched a documentary about Fennec Foxes and was so enamored by them I wanted to bring one into my home, which is of course illegal under most circumstances, so I came to Douglas in the hope they would have a stuffy that would fill the hole in my heart. Lo and behold, this boy appeared. He IS a Fennec Fox. I cannot begin to describe how much he resembles every aspect of the little critters. He arrived and I can only say that he radiates Fennec Fox energy. The vibes are perfect. Would absolutely recommend this guy to anyone and everyone with a soft spot for these foxes.

Autumn Smith

My kid loved it!!

Sly Fennec Fox

The fox is very realistic, we bought it as a gift for our kids’ friend. The fox is so cute that it was hard to give it away. We love the quality and safety of Douglas Toys, they are our only choice for the kids.

Ella Stroupe
Sly Fennec Fox purchase

My granddaughter loves foxes. I had bought another fox at the CALM animal rescue zoo. It was great quality and didn’t look so toy like. She saw it and we decided to search online for another one. She chose this one, it was delivered quickly and she has added it to her fox collection. Very soft and feels like it will last a long time.

Nichole Raney
Bought at San Diego Zoo

I purchased this product at the San Diego Zoo for my daughter. It’s so beautifully made, it caught my eye from 30 ft away. Very happy with my purchase!