2023 Retired List!

A group of stuffed animals are posed together against an abstract background. The group includes a wolf, a tortoiseshell cat, a goat, and a pink and cream puppy.

Here at DOUGLAS headquarters, we’re hard at work preparing for the arrival of our 2024 plush! We’ve retired a number of old designs to make room for all the exciting new additions to our catalog. Check out the list of retirees below to make sure you’ve added everyone you need to your collection before they disappear for good!

Helpful tip: If we’re out of stock of the plush you’re hoping to find, be sure to check out our online retailers or your local brick-and-mortar shops that carry DOUGLAS. They just might still have some left in stock!

4414 Lil’ Baby Cream & Brown Dog
4419 Lil’ Baby Chocolate Lab
4424 Lil’ Baby Doodle Dog
4434 Lil’ Baby Beagle
4058 Pepito Chocolate Chihuahua
4501 Goldie Golden Retriever Soft in PJs
4503 Edie Yellow Lab Soft in PJs
1881 Sandi Golden Retriever
1885 Joli Husky
1961 Java Chocolate Lab
1962 Duffy Yellow Lab
1965 Rocky Rottweiler
1968 Felix Golden Retriever
1970 Whittaker Black Lab
1973 Balthezar Beagle
1974 Rosalie White Doodle Dog
2046 Romeo Westie
2410 Bernadette DLux Grey French Bulldog
2424 Olive Rescue Pups Black Lab / Pit Mix
2447 Moses DLux Terrier Mix

4415 Lil’ Baby White Kitten
4391 Margot Tortie Cat
4393 Mitzy Himalayan Cat
2474 Zoey DLux Cat

1550 Skeffy Donkey
1756 Corinna Cow
1507 Lena Llama
1530 Lexi Llama
1722 Logan Llama
4478 Mini Rylie Soft Goat
4627 Rylie Soft Goat
4519 Brady DLux Goat
1522 Lil’ Toula Lamb
3773 Barley Lamb
4533 Gwen DLux Goose
1793 Serka Hen
1591 Mara Pink Silkie Chick
1596 Zara Gray Silkie Chick
3764 Tara Cream Silkie Chick, Large

1895 Alder DLux Wolf
3767 Artemis Silver Fox
4034 Patch Raccoon
1831 Sutton DLux Black Bear
3835 Shimmer Snowy Owl
3844 Samuel Gray Horned Owl
4060 Rucker Owl
3750 Wendy Osprey
3827 Neville DLux Alligator
3766 Quinn Quokka
4436 Lil’ Baby Koala
4410 Lil’ Baby Lion
4486 Mini Everlie Soft Elephant
4489 Mini Lennie Soft Lion

1720 Denny Dolphin
3813 Willie Navy Whale
4565 Georgio DLux Otter
4656 Green Friends Reef Shark
4657 Green Friends Wave Dolphin
4658 Green Friends Coast Sea Turtle
4694 Floatie Soft Manatee
3823 Wally Walrus

1609 Geraldine Grub

763 Rainbow Princess White Horse
803 Vega Unicorn
4054 Pax Unicorn
4158 Thea White Unicorn
4179 Mia Gray Unicorn
4496 Mini Elodie Soft White Unicorn
4207 Riona Rainbow Unicorn
4285 Ziggy Caticorn Rainbow Fuzzle
15289 Kaleidoscope Rainbow Bunny
15499 Tully Curly Bunny
4661 Lukie Soft White Dragon

4727 Hedgehog Mushroom Macaroon
4730 Sea Turtle Macaron Foodie Macaroon
4731 Owl Pineapple Foodie Macaroon
4732 Sushi Cat Foodie Macaroon

2078 Dino Love Sassy Sak with T-Rex
2086 Sea Turtle Sassy Sak with Tie Dye Turtle
2097 Sea Star Sassy Sak with Yellow Lab
2108 Tropical Mermaid Sassy Sak with Mermaid
2111 Kindness Sassy Sak with White Unicorn
2123 Leopard Kitty Sassy Sak with White Cat
2204 Fun Castle Sassy Sak with Pink Unicorn
2212 Rainbow Tie Dye Sassy Sak with Chocolate Lab
2213 Anchor Hearts Sassy Sak with Golden Retriever
50560 Dreamy Dress-Up Pink Butterfly Wings
50562 Dreamy Dress-Up Purple Butterfly Wings
50564 Dreamy Dress-Up Yellow Butterfly Wings
50582 Pink Fairy Wings
50700 Purple Monarch Butterfly Mask
50768 Orange Monarch Butterfly Mask
50769 Pink Monarch Butterfly Mask
50785 Rainbow Fairy Mask
50799 Peacock Mask
62331 Red Rainbow Butterfly Wings
62355 Fantasy Butterfly Wings
67701 Red Rainbow Butterfly Mask
67718 Pink Rainbow Butterfly Mask

1416 Rosy Cream Puppy Lil’ Snuggler
1453 Rosy Cream Puppy Sshlumpie
6308 Rosy Cream Puppy Paci Lovey
6386 Rosy Cream Puppy Lil’ Teether
6573 Rosy Cream Puppy Chime
6309 Auggie Tan Puppy Paci Lovey
6572 Auggie Tan Puppy Chime
6421 Rosy and Auggie Puppies Activity Book
1424 Playful Little Mermaid Lil’ Snuggler
6363 Playful Little Mermaid Lil’ Teether
1429 Peyton Panda Lil’ Snuggler
1486 Peyton Panda Sshlumpie
6375 Peyton Panda Lil’ Teether
6416 Peyton Panda Activity Book
6521 Peyton Panda Plumpie
6801 Peyton Panda Starlight Musical
1438 Nova Owl Lil’ Snuggler
1445 Nova Owl Sshlumpie
6257 Nova Owl Silicone Teether
6315 Nova Owl Paci Lovey
6366 Nova Owl Lil’ Teether
6420 Nova Owl Activity Book
6570 Nova Owl Plumpie Chime
1439 Indy Sea Otter Lil’ Snuggler
1467 Indy Sea Otter Sshlumpie
6307 Indy Sea Otter Paci Lovey
6385 Indy Sea Otter Lil’ Teether
1440 Lennox Lamb Lil’ Snuggler
6318 Lennox Lamb Paci Lovey
6312 Emilie Unicorn Paci Lovey
6523 Emilie Unicorn Plumpie
6415 Rainbow Magic Activity Book
6422 Gibson & Arlo Activity Book
6576 Gibson Goose Chime
1402 Cuddle Bunny Lil’ Snuggler
6310 Demitri Dragon Paci Lovey
6311 Stanley Sloth Paci Lovey
6313 Joey Gray Elephant Paci Lovey
6314 Danny Dino Paci Lovey
6316 Jordan Fox Paci Lovey
6354 Shae Giraffe Lil’ Teether
6367 Star Pony Lil’ Teether
6577 Farrah Pink Fawn Chime
6527 Pippa Rainbow Stripe Soft Doll

7900 Rocket the Dog
7910 Duck & Goose Set
7920 Duck
7921 Goose

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