Toy Safety

Toy Safety

Search for Children’s Product Certificates (CPC)

To Search for Children’s Product Certificate (CPC), locate labels that are typically sewn into the rear/back of the plush animal. Find the label that indicates Purchase Order and Item Number. Click the link above to launch the CPC Database. Enter the Purchase Order number and then the Item Number to review the CPC safety test information. If you are having trouble locating the P.O. and Item numbers, click the link below for photo help on locating that information.

Locating Item and P.O. Numbers to find Certificates

CPSC Safety Regulations to which Douglas products are being Certified

DOUGLAS TOYS & PET SAFETY – Douglas stuffed animals are Not intended as toys for Dogs or Cats or other household pets. Pets that play rough can tear out plastic eyes or rip open animals. Both the plastic eyes and stuffing inside can pose a potential health hazard for pets. When dogs and cats play with stuffed animals—even those marketed specifically for pets, it’s important to monitor the wear and tear on an ongoing basis to keep your pet healthy and safe. Click on the following hotlink to the American Humane Society to learn more about Pet Toy Safety:


Dear Douglas Customer:

We are happy to share some information about the Douglas safety program.

All of our products are designed here in Keene, N.H., by experienced designers who understand the Safety Regulations.

Members of our management team make regular trips to our production factories to ensure that the quality and safety standards we require are in place. In this case, being a smaller company has its benefits. We have a strong relationship with a limited number of high quality factories. None of our items are made by subcontractors.

We employ our own quality/safety inspectors to be on site during production. Each style we make is tested on regular intervals by independent testing labs. This ensures that all of our products meet or exceed the US Government and the voluntary Toy Safety Standards.

In addition, we inspect every incoming shipment received at our warehouse for one last quality check.
For over 50 years, Douglas has been a family owned business making high quality stuffed animals for children of all ages. The safety of our customers has always been a top priority, and will continue to be so in the future.

Thank you for your support and interest in our products. Please feel free to call us if we can help with any safety related questions.


 Scott T. Clarke, President 1-800-992-9002