Sea Life

Underwater is where the magic happens! Immerse yourself into the variety of Douglas’ Sea Life stuffed animals. From realistic¬†stuffed shark, whales and stingrays to artfully crafted turtles, dolphins, and fish! With animals that look so real, you might think they’ll bite you! Plush favorites from the sea make playtime more fun and encourage imaginative play. Don’t be a crab and discover your new best friend from Douglas!

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  • New

    Mermaid Playtivity Blankee

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  • Baby Otter Lil’ Handful

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  • Phyllis Flamingo Fuzzle

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  • Orli Sea Serpent

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  • Nahlah Blue Narwhal

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  • Dancing Octopus Sak with Black Lab

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  • Stuffed Plush Penguin

    Penguin Lil’ Handful

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  • Rainbow Narwhal Sak with Narwhal

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  • Best Seller

    Audrina Aqua Turtle

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  • Moondrop Oyster with Pearl

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  • Renny Eagle Ray

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  • Stretch Squid

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