NEW Douglas Designs for 2017

Meet Winky the Octopus, Sly Fennec the Fox, and the other new members of the Douglas family. Our new collection of realistic plush animals are big on personality and cuteness. And oh so cuddly! From chinchillas to peacocks, come meet the whole crew!

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  • Pink Mermaid Sassy Pet Sak

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  • Sherman (Medium) Golden Retriever

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  • Pig Board Book

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  • Llama Board Book

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  • Unicorn Board Book

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  • Narwhal Board Book

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  • Hedgehog Board Book

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  • Unicorn Head Lil’ Sak

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  • Spunky Hedgehog With Ears

    Spunky Hedgehog With Ears

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  • Mosaic Brown Dapple Foal

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  • Snowball White Cat

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  • Nickel Grey Stripe Cat

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