Share a Smile with DOUGLAS Foodie Macaroons!

Quirky and whimsical, it’s easy to understand the appeal of DOUGLAS Foodie Macaroons! Quality microfiber materials lend them a velvety feel, while irresistibly silky polyester fill invites you to interact with these squishably soft companions. We kicked off this exciting plush collection in 2020 with five imaginative designs. They were such a hit, more Foodie Mac stuffed animals were introduced to our catalog the following year.

Walk on the wild side and set your imagination loose with humorous characters such as our Bubble Tea Panda, Owl Pineapple, Hedgehog Mushroom, or our Avogato kitty!

Or indulge your sweet tooth with the sugary charms of our playful plush pastries. These cuddly confections will, no doubt, hit the spot!

Our in-house Design Team continues to surprise and delight DOUGLAS fans with their clever creations. Stay tuned for the arrival of our 2022 S’more Bear, Sushi Cat, and much anticipated Dragon Fruit Macaroons!

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