Join Us On a DOUGLAS Safari!

Set your imagination loose and come away on an exciting DOUGLAS safari! Imagine the sun-soaked savannah dotted with thorny Acacia trees, the dense rainforests that surround the Congo river, or the arid, sandy expanse that is the Sahara desert. The famous animals that inhabit these diverse biomes are well represented in our plush menagerie! With realistic designs and huggably soft materials, DOUGLAS stuffed animals make great cuddly companions and can also serve as engaging teaching tools in educational environments.


Under a hazy, blue sky, a snow capped mountain rises above the African savannah.

Perhaps the most celebrated of all African animals is the mighty lion. Our Soft Lion Lennie is a cuddly prince not to be missed. Or scale up the cuddles and bring home Zeus! Part of the DLux Collection, this tawny beast features a reclining pose designed for lounging and a stately appearance that will enchant discerning wildlife fans.

Expand your collection of African wild cats with lovable Leopards or a sweet Cheetah cub!


A thorny Acacia tree stands tall amidst the rolling grasslands of Africa.

The grasslands of this vast continent wouldn’t be complete without herds of Zebra and long-necked Giraffes. If a pocket-sized Giraffe is what you’re looking for, Ginger the mini Giraffe stuffed animal is a darling miniature of the real deal. Both Zelda the Zebra and Jovi the Giraffe are DLux plush animals and feature irresistibly floppy bodies and realistic details.


White barked trees surround and are reflected in the still surface of a waterhole.

Gather at the waterhole for a refreshing drink and you’re likely to come across our mud-loving Soft Hippo, Hollie! Elephants typically try to avoid Hippos but, under the heat of the African sun, you’ll find thirsty Elephants seeking water whether the Hippos are around or not!


A flock of pink Flamingos wade with their heads down in shallow water.

Not to be overlooked, the birds of Africa offer a lot when it comes to impressive plumage and unique appearances. Add a dash of DOUGLAS whimsy and you end up with the glamorous Olivia Ostrich or the elegant Nia, an African Crowned Crane with fashionable flair. Colorful and cuddly, Cotton Candy is our playful take on the famously pink Flamingo species.


Thick, green rainforest foliage borders the banks of a murky jungle river.

If you get lost in the jungle, you might encounter our funny Monkey stuffed animals. It’s always a hoot when they come out to play, but they also love snuggling up for naps with their best friends! Cyril the slithery Snake blends into the thick, tangly rainforest foliage with his mottled green colors. Our Snake’s glittery, golden eyes will captivate and impress.


Sparse scrubby plants dot the yellow sands of a desert that stretches away to distant, blue mountains.

Down in the southern tip of Africa, troops of Meerkats busily scurry around in the Kalahari grasses. They’ve created vast networks of underground burrows where they can keep cool during the day and warm at night. On guard duty, Enzo the plush Meerkat sits up tall so he can keep a sharp eye out for predators.


The glowing orb of the sun shines over an assortment of sandy desert dunes.

The last stop in our tour takes us all the way up to the top of the continent where the desert dominates the northern part of Africa. It takes special adaptations for animals to survive here. Some examples of this are the wide, flat feet of the Dromedary Camels or the Fennec Fox’s adorably oversized ears.

The beautiful continent of Africa offers so much to explore and see. Bring home a soft friend from our diverse selection of plush African wildlife and show your love for our planet’s awesome animals!


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