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Lottie the Soft Leopard Cub plush looks forward to every new day on the savannah! Mottled spots over a tan colored plush coat help her vanish into the shadows of the grasses and she loves leaping out to surprise her mother. Lottie’s ultra soft materials and gently weighted paws make her irresistibly cuddly and easy to pose for hours of imaginative safari fun! Rounded ears and large, lifelike eyes create an endearing appearance that will earn Lottie a place in the hearts of any wild cat lover. From her sculpted, pink nose to the end of her spotted Leopard tail, this African cub is a stuffed animal that’s as soft as she is sweet!

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Weight8 oz
Dimensions7 × 8.5 × 7 in

24 Months & Up


9" Sitting


(23 cm)





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Customer Reviews

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Rachel Elliott
Lottie Soft Leopard

Love it! Very well made, soft and cute, and perfect for cuddling!

Patricia H.
I love Lottie

I discovered Douglas Cuddly Toys when I was living in Washington State. I saw a German shorthaired pointer puppy toy in a window of a gift shop and I had to buy it. Then later, when I was looking for a snow leopard, I came across Lottie, the Leopard.

The face on this toy is so adorable that I find myself talking to the toy! I even traveled across the US with Lottie in my luggage. I use the leopard as my Reiki surrogate (I practice animal Reiki).

Kudos to the designer of this toy leopard.