Cuddly Spring Animals

As the snow melts and gives way to the green that’s been hidden for so long, new life begins to take place all around us—especially among our animal friends. Spring is a time of renewal and new life! Many animals that have been in hiding during the cold winter months resurface to enjoy the warmer temps and search for food. And, naturally, there are many baby critters that begin to appear whether in the woods or on the farm!

The Douglas Plush Collection is filled with a wide assortment of critters and baby animals just waiting to find a home with you. We offer adorably soft springtime stuffed animals perfect for Easter baskets, spring decorating and celebrating the season!

All of our animals have realistic gestures and detailed expressions that evoke a sense of connection and endearment. Plus, all our lovable plush is made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

A Few of Our Favorite Spring Critters



Like most animals, spring for foxes means babies! After the hard winter months, the baby foxes (kits) are ready to make their appearance in the wild. Kits are born with no sight, hearing or teeth and take two to three weeks for them to develop. While young kits take time before they are ready to leave the safety of the den, our foxes are ready for all of your springtime adventures!




Does (female deer) travel in small groups consisting of mature females and their offspring, while bucks (male deer) travel in their own group. Within the bucks herd, there is constant battle for dominance. These battles determine the leader of the group and the place of everyone else in relation. Over the years a young buck could end up rising to the top of the herd through these competitions. Fawns (baby deer) rely heavily on their natural camouflage. The white spots scattered across their reddish-brown bodies blend well with fallen leaves and brush. A fawn might be hard to find in the forest, but we have a great selection for you to discover!




Rabbits survive the winter by creating burrows in the ground and growing a thick fur to keep them warm. Rabbits only come out of their burrow to eat in the winter months, surviving on bark from trees and other vegetation that happens to appear from the snow. As spring arrives, just like most animals, baby bunnies arrive. Spring also brings the Easter Bunny, who is loved by children far and wide. Douglas stuffed bunnies are no different and many are available in a variety of sizes. Children love the realistic appearance and soft, cuddly plush of our bunnies. Our Snow Drop Bunny, Mama White Bunny and Taylor Mocha Bunny make perfect additions to any Easter basket. We even have a few Easter bunnies for babies—such as our Bunny Plumpie or Bunny Lil’ Snuggler. They’re the perfect sweet something for infants and toddlers this spring!




Chickens lay more eggs in the spring and summer months than during the fall and winter. Fewer eggs in the winter allows chickens to conserve their nutrients. This also causes their eggs to be healthier and darker in color, while in the late summer their eggs tend to be very light—almost white. Springtime is the best time to raise baby chickens as well. Baby chickens are extremely sensitive to temperature, so the mild temperature of spring is ideal. It takes about 6-8 weeks until these chicks are fully ready to move to the outdoor coop and start their exploring. Our brown multi chick and black multi chick are always ready to explore. Discover all of our spring chickens. And don’t forget our ducks, too!




Douglas strives to capture the essence of the more unique critters of the animal kingdom to give you a wide selection to choose from. Our continued business success comes from unique designs, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship.


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