Obie Soft Blue Dragon



Dream of far away castles every time you cuddle up with Obie the Soft Dragon stuffed animal! The same slate blue color as a stormy sky, Obie features a muted color palette that’s sophisticated and soothing. Our Dragon’s reclining pose will invite you to take him into your lap where he’ll happily snooze the day away. We’ve stuffed him with the highest quality polyester fill and bean pellets for an engaging weight that begs to be held. His spiky crest and wings are velvety soft and colored with a dark turquoise hue, while shimmery claws detail his feet. You’ll only need one snuggle with Obie the Soft Dragon plush for the two of you to become the best of friends!

Additional information

Weight4.5 oz
Dimensions11 × 11 × 4 in

24 Months & Up


11" Long


(28 cm)





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Customer Reviews

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Obie the one nostril dragon

Obie is adorbs, however I don't understand why he has one nostril. I went online to verify and make sure that maybe mine had a quality control issue but even here it shows the side that he's missing the nostril meanwhile the other side, not pictured, does have a nostril. Other than that, there's no complaints. Loooove how soft he is.

5 month old Daughter loves it

My 5 month old daughter was being carried through the hospital gift shop and seen it she started jabbering and cooing till I bought it for her. This is the first toy she has picked out she will not sleep with out him and this adorable soft little dragon is always by her side, she cries when it's not with her. It's the cutest thing in the world to me

So Fuzzy!

Obie is one of the fuzziest stuffies I have, he’s the perfect cuddle size and I wouldn’t trade him for the world! Highly recommend!

Attila The Shopper
What a Softie!!

What a Softie!! Obie is exactly as described. He's dearly loved in his new home. His gorgeous blue colours are quite soothing. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!! He arrived quickly and the quality is outstanding!! If you have a dragon lover in your life of any age ( or are one yourself) , I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you 'adopt ' darling, sweet, soft Obie today!! You'll be glad you did!! Obie LOVES to curl up on your lap if you let him! 😀😀

The most wonderful and incredible thing I have ever received.

I got this soft little dragon for Christmas (he was at the top of my list) and he was a smidge bigger than I thought he’d be but that just made it absolutely better, he is so soft and huggable, and is one of the sweetest plushes I own.
I would recommend for…
Children: yes
Babies: yes
Toddlers: yes
Teens: yes (though if they’re going through a rebellious phase they may be grumpy about getting a dragon plush but that just means you get to keep it all for yourself.)
Adults: yes
Anyone who wishes to receive the wonderful joy this plush brings: absolutely!