Lucian Soft Green Dragon



When you’re as new to the world as Lucian, our Soft Green Dragon stuffed animal, everything is full of magic and wonder! We’ve selected cuddly plush materials that feature a mottled green pattern and a cloud soft texture. Oversized, bean-filled feet lend them an engaging ploppy feel, while a slouchy, understuffed body will melt into your arms with every hug. Lucian’s glittery green eyes sparkle with fantasy fun. A small pair of wings and two small horns complete our baby Dragon’s endearing appearance. From his cute, rounded snout to his little, stumpy tail, Lucian is a pudgy Green Dragon plush who’s sure to win the favor of his new caretaker!

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Weight5.1 oz
Dimensions11 × 7 × 9 in

24 Months & Up


9" Sitting


(23 cm)





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Customer Reviews

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He's the sweetest little dragon

This guy is just as soft and sweet as his buddies Sootie and Lukie. This one I really did buy for my upcoming grandbaby but for now he sits in a basket with his friends where I can give them all a pat as I walk by. Same great quality, same great soft and silky texture as all the other wonderful toys I've purchased here.

Charlie Loften

I love it I haven’t bought it yet it is not in stock but looks wonderful

Attila The Shopper
What An Adorable Little Dragon!!

Lucian is one cute, adorable little dragon! He's so soft and cuddly, and he's just the right size for small hands to carry and to take on any adventure, and when the adventure is over, he's just the right size and softness to cuddle with at night! He's dearly loved in his new home, and he sleeps other members of the "Skulk " , as he's quite popular with his new family! His photos truly don't due him justice at all, as his colour is much richer in person. If you have a dragon lover in your life of any age, 'adopt ' Lucian Green Dragon for them today! You (and they) won't be disappointed!!