Neo Green Dragon



Let your fairytale adventures take flight with Neo, our striking Green Dragon stuffed animal! Soft, velvety fabrics with a subtle scale texture and a tie dye pattern have left Neo awash in a blend of emerald greens and springtime yellows. His design is enhanced with metallic gold accents on his horns, snout, and wings. An attentive pose and a bold, golden eyed gaze bring this fantasy beast to life. Let Neo the Green Dragon inspire a world where imagination rules supreme and good always triumphs over evil! Our Green Dragon plush and his exciting design will appeal to fantasy lovers of all ages!

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Weight5.5 oz
Dimensions16 × 7 × 7 in

24 Months & Up


16" Long


(41 cm)



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Customer Reviews

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I was strolling through the toy store,and once my son saw this dragon, he became a victim of dragon lust. This dragon is so adorable, and my son has it in his hands all day every day. It is certainly a family favorite of the Douglas dragon series. HIGHLY recommend.


good smaller than I expected but very cute and well made

Ruth Ann Lingwall
Love it

Please get more colors of this one! I bought the gold and a blue one years ago uh for my kids and wanted a rose or purple colored too the red was a bad shade but maybe could find a nice red for this not sure uh but uh hard huh so uh gold for sure again but I am liking buying more uh of this in green and just got a second green one so uh hi uh can you make these again in a variety of colors. Elijah is fun but looks sad so uh not quite right for our collection but his coloring is great! I like the sweet but a bit dragonish expression on this dragon's face not too scary or grumpy. And adding a side view of his nice face on the buying page would be great too!

Jennifer VanOrsdel
Soft and cuddly

The plush dragons are well made and so cute and soft. I think the grandkids will love them.

Attila The Shopper
Neo Is A Beautiful Dragon!!

What a gorgeous dragon! We 'adopted' Neo as soon as he was available, & we're so glad we did! His photo really doesn't due him justice, as his colours are extremely rich & lush! He's so soft and cuddly, & the perfect size to take on any adventure, great or small. The quality is outstanding, too! He even arrived earlier than anticipated, which made our shopping experience even better! If you have a dragon lover in your life of any age, I HIGHLY recommend you 'adopt ' Neo today! You (& they) won't be disappointed!