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Sootie is a bold baby Soft Dragon plush with an appetite for adventure! His wings may be small now but he looks forward to the day when he can take to the sky with the other Dragons. Their undersides feature stitched detailing and velvet textured material for an appealingly soft feel. Bean pellets give weight to Sootie’s floppy body and make him an ultra huggable fantasy companion. A pair of bright, blue eyes stare out from Sootie’s cinder gray plush coat. What games are in store for the two of you today? Whatever they may be, Sootie the Soft Dragon stuffed animal will be sure to be there for them all!

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Weight8.1 oz
Dimensions11 × 8 × 9 in

24 Months & Up


9" Tall


(23 cm)





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Customer Reviews

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Douglas black small dragon

I am a fully grown adult. I bought him for me, because I am a child. He is perfect. Buy him.
My boyfriend, who is not a fan of smaller stuffed animals, steals him regularly because he is perfect. Just a lil guy. A lil dude.
Get him.

Jack Casey
Soooooo soft!

Got this for my wife, she bonded with it over an AM and she hasn’t let it leave her since. Wonderful little guy, so soft and sits up wherever you put him


I love this toys. I actually got a smaller version of the same one at a store and instantly ordered the bigger one online.

I'm in love!

I first saw this little guy in a vendor booth at a convention. He was in a display marked "Emotional Support Dragon". Of course I thought it was funny until the guy at the booth said, he's the softest thing you'll ever feel, and then handed it to me. I was amazed and could hardly take my hands of Sootie long enough to pay for him. I've told this story to several people and they all laugh at how silly an emotional support dragon is until I hand Sootie to them and then they fall in love too. I've since come back to this site to purchase another one and both of the other sizes plus his green friend and his white friend. All of them are amazingly soft and cuddly. As an adult, I'm a little embarrassed to admit how much I love this adorable stuffed dragon. Thank goodness I have a grandbaby coming that I can buy all the dragons for!

Amanda Greene
Great Floppy Dragon

You usually don't see 'floppy' styles of dragon plushies - most are pretty solidly stuffed, and not really soft like Sootie is. I love to collect them, and had been looking for a floppy for a while.

This one is great! He's really soft to the touch, and has a nice little flop to him. I'd love to see Douglas make more of these, maybe some with something like their dog base that are larger and even nicer to cuddle.