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Fall Giveaway
In October 2016 we offered all our customers and website visitor a chance to win a large and furry friend – our new 32″ German Shepard named “Major”. The contest has ended. However, every year we add new stuffed animals, baby products and fashion bags to our website. We hope these new products will become cherished items for you and your family.
Please continue to check back to our website to see new products, specials, sale items and fun contests.

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  1. If I win I will give this to my 8 week old daughter! She loves dogs and I’m sure it would be her best friend!

  2. Those German Shepard’s are the cutest ever i have seen in a very long time…I just lost my lil girl shepard Fiona only 2 yrs old and these just reminded me of her so much

  3. If I won I would probably give it to my daughter to remind her of the couple of German Shepard that were her pets and passed over the Rainbow Bridge

  4. I would love to win this big cutie. We lost one of our Shepard’s in September due to cancer. Her son is lonely and we miss her. Can’t replace her, but a lot of love to give Major. Thanks for the opportunity to try and win him.

  5. Please. My niece dog just died. He was a German Shepherd named Koda. They were born together. He got cancer and we had to put him down last week. Shes not allowed another dog and she’s not taking the separation very well. I want to gift her this dog to show her that he is always with her and if by chance I do with the stuffy for her, she will believe that he loves her still. Even though she can’t see or feel him anymore. Wishing everyone luck!

  6. I lost several of my germans….. betsy, fred, buster, and gretchen i miss them dearly this reminds me of my gretchen she was such a good dog an was my best friend/ only friend in the world. Ive never won anything except once at the county fair. But to whoever wins congrats

  7. Crossing my fingers this would be my favorite thing in the world! German Shepards are my dream dogs if only I was able to own one!

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