Major German Shepherd


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Major, our giant sized, deluxe plush is fashioned after the popular German Shepherd Dog! He’s as brave as the toughest police dogs and as gentle as the special service dogs who lead the blind. Best of all, he’s affectionate and loyal and ready to become a treasured member of your family. And at about 32” long, Major is nearly the size of a real Shepherd! His hefty plush body is made with huggably soft materials featuring realistic colors and markings. Major has the endearingly large ears typical of his breed, expressive brown eyes, and airbrushed facial details. This giant stuffed animal is ready to come lounge on your couch or stretch out across your bed. Adopt him for yourself or give him as an unforgettable gift to any lover of the noble German Shepherd breed!

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Weight 97.2 oz
Dimensions 31 × 19 × 10 in

24 Months & Up




German Shepherd


(81 cm)


32" Long

Stuffed Toy Size

Extra Large



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Best in breed, but flawed

Major is the most realistic toy German Shepherd I could find on the web. But he has some flaws. His tail is too short, his muzzle is too square, he has no mouth, no toenails (not even painted on), no details on his nose or paws, one of his ears is half flopped over, he isn't poseable, and he has long seams on the tops of his front legs. For a $150 stuffed animal, my expectations are high.

That said, he is super-cuddly, has a nice pose, adorabe expression, lovely eyes, has some heft to him, and has very pettable fur that's about as close as you can get to a real dog. Is that worth $150? Only you can decide.

Large German Shepherd (Major)

Beautifully crafted, realistic looking stuffed animal. Above all, I love the feel of the fur. That and body feel replicates the sensation of petting an actual dog.


Major German Shepherd

Big Fluffy Sheppy!

I had almost the same plush as a kid. It went missing during my first move, so I got this new and improved version and I absolutely love him! Who says adults can't love stuffed animals?

It is the same size as my actual german shepherd mix, who keeps trying to play with it. It is super realistic, and the quality is outstanding. Well worth my money.

Great German shepherd dog

I have this stuffed dog and he is wonderful! He is really snuggle so if you get scared at night he is the one to snuggle with. I would say that this dog is the best and you should get him. Under one condition he is really big so he is not the kind of stuffed animal you can bring on a plane. Also I have most of the douglas dogs and I love them all, they are all so snuggle.