Callie Soft Woolly Mammoth


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Beneath all the shaggy fluff, Callie the Soft Woolly Mammoth stuffed animal possesses a heart of gold! This kindhearted giant from the time of the Ice Age is quick to step in whenever her friends need her. Callie’s burly form has been depicted in tawny colored plush that’s soothingly soft to the touch and sure to lend reassurance if you’re in need of a hug. The tiny ears and impressive tusks of the Mammoth are represented in Callie’s design, as well as a tuft of fluffy, ginger-tipped fur atop her head. Our Mammoth’s large, dark eyes shine with lifelike realism and seem to gaze right back into your own. Let Callie lead you to a day of cuddles and relaxation, this plush Mammoth will be at your side every step of the way!

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Weight6.8 oz
Dimensions9 × 7 × 9 in

24 Months & Up


10" Sitting


(25 cm)





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