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Cuddly Baby Gifts

Looking for sweet and cuddly baby gifts? You’ve come to the right place. For over 60 years, Douglas has been designing a variety of plush baby accessories with sophistication and whimsy. Our original cuddly characters and special gift collections speak a child’s language. From our Soft Baby Books to our Soft Musical Plush, we have that special, soft, and lovable something for all the babies in your life.


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What is a Sshlumpie? Sshlumpies are deluxe blankie friends—the ultimate cuddle toys for babies! These soft baby blankets feature adorable faces and sweet paws and hooves. At 19-inches long, they are a great size for a stroller, car seat, or to tag-along on a trip. Shop our Sshlumpie collection and discover the perfect blankie friend that will be cherished for years to come.



Plumpies are soft and cuddly plush toys with sweet detailing. These understuffed characters are 10-inches long and safe for infants. Plumpies make great baby gifts— with a perfect combination of softness, cuteness, and cuddliness. Choose one of these lovable characters for the new baby in your life.

Soft Baby Books

Our Storytime Soft Baby Books feature engaging baby storylines and are safe and fun for infants. Babies love the squeaks and rattle sounds that each book makes, too. The books are also surface washable for easy cleanup. Soft Baby Books are a unique and clever baby gift.

Soft Baby Books



Lil’ Snugglers

Our soft and cuddly Lil’ Snugglers are popular baby gifts. These classic square blankies feature lovable characters and are the perfect carrying size for babies on the go. With satin edges, soft and soothing fabric, and embroidered features, Lil’ Snugglers are the best sweet something for a baby to hold and snuggle. There are lots of great designs to choose from, too!

Lil Snugglers

Musical Plush

Our NEW ultra-soft baby Musical Plush characters wind-up to play classic lullabies. Each character has its own tune, from a sweet elephant that plays “Twinkle Twinkle” to a cuddly fox that plays “What a Wonderful World.” Find the perfect character and tunes to inspire sweet dreams. Our NEW cuddly plush musicals make great baby gifts.

Musical Plush
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