Isabelle Rainbow Stripe Soft Doll



Isabelle the plush Rainbow Stripe Soft Doll is ready for a day of play and games! Designed with a plump, cuddly form and embroidered facial features, Isabelle is an ideal pal for the littlest people. Specially selected polyester fill chosen for its silkiness and resilience ensures this cheerful playmate will bounce back after every hug. Rainbows and flowers pattern Isabelle’s pajamas in a playful print, while a series of colorful stripes run down both her sleeves. Our sweet Doll’s brown hair is accented with a pair of pink blossoms that match the rosy glow of her airbrushed cheeks. With her happy colors and friendly expression, Isabelle the Soft Doll is an appealing companion!

Additional information

Dimensions10 × 7 × 4 in

Birth & Up


10" Sitting, 13" Overall


(25 cm, 33 cm)



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Customer Reviews

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Alicia Tampa
Never leave home without it

My daughter picked this out in the lobby where we take swim. She was 11mo old at the time. I assumed I was throwing away more money on yet another cute toy, but since her brother had been getting a weekly treat, mom guilt told me it was only fair. Little did I know this would be her bestie. She would reach for this every time we left the house, even if it was to walk the dogs. Mimi, as she has been respectfully named, was my daughters saving grace as she transitioned from the baby room at daycare to the 1yo room. Mimi is so important to us all, mommy realized a Mimi 2.0 would be necessary. I love that my daughter loves her, and I love how soft, easy to clean, and safe she is for my little nugget.

Christiane Baquiran
Lovely doll

This is actually the 2nd one I purchased (first was in a store) and it’s for my daughter. One for home and one for daycare!

Anita Y

My second granddaughter loves the soft doll. I am going to get another one for my eldest granddaughter . Now they can called the dolls sisters.

Beautiful dolls

But, i would love to have them wrapped in a more cushioning and protective wrap.