Allie Soft Platypus



There’s no denying that the Platypus is a unique species, but Allie the Soft Platypus takes that uniqueness to another level! With decadently soft fur, Allie is an especially sweet treat! Her plump form is rounded out by resilient polyester fill that will bounce back after every affectionate squeeze. Her flippered feet and duck-like beak are crafted in a velvety material that adds to her cuddly feel. Large, amber colored eyes bring our plush rendition of this unusual creature to life. Wrap your arms around one of our planet’s most distinctive critters with Allie the plush Platypus stuffed animal!

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Weight5 oz
Dimensions15 × 6 × 4 in

24 Months & Up


16" Long


(41 cm)





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Customer Reviews

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My new favorite

This plush is not only adorable and incredibly soft, but the color of the fur is stunning! I also like how it's not too big so I can carry it around easily. By far, my favorite Douglas plush, and I've bought many from them!

she feels like love

platypus are one of the most fascinating animals due to their unique abilities. They are one of few egg laying mammals and one of few venomous mammals. males have venomous spurs behind their hind legs. The most fascinating ability of all is in their bills. platypus shut their eyes and ears completely while hunting underwater, so they use sensors in their beak to detect subtle electrical fields produced by prey. this is known as electroreception and it’s unique to the platypus. They also glow under blacklight i guess

Daniel M
I love him, he's an angel

I know it says Allie and she, but I call him Blorbo. Anywizzle, he's such a sweetheart! he is one of the softest plushes I've had in a while, and he's the perfect shape for snuggling. (Blorbo is reading this over my shoulder and approves)

Karen Goodwin
For a gift

It is so soft! Love the color it is a soft lavender with bluish bill.

So soft and Incredibly soothing

I recently lost my cat and couldn't cope with the loss. At 44 years old I sleep with this stuffed animal every night and it is the most soothing thing I've ever had. I've always had a soft spot for stuffed animals but this one has gotten me through the darkest time of my life. Thank you for creating Allie the Platypus.