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With her lovely long-haired coat, Kiki the Ragdoll Cat stuffed animal is extra soft and cuddly! Featuring designer plush materials of cream and white and a lovably floppy body, Kiki is both huggable and realistic. When she’s not on the prowl for fun and adventure, she can be found looking for someone to pick her up and lavish her with love. From her pink, flocked nose to her fluffy tail, Kiki is designed to be an engaging and affectionate plush companion. Let her gorgeous blue eyes steal away your heart, this kitten doesn’t shed and already knows how to use the litter box, which means Kiki the plush Ragdoll is the perfect cat for feline lovers of all ages!

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Weight10.7 oz
Dimensions12 × 7 × 5 in

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Peach is purrfect!

Ive had the kiki ragdoll for over 4 years now due some accidents from my past self sleeping with gum we had to cut some of her fur off however she hasnt had any more disasters yet and she is WONDERFUL she is so so soft and ive renamed her peach and she just is the most wonderful stuffed cat ive ever received my parents bought this when i was moving and she got me so much comfort in the past years i cannot stress this enough please please get this cat!

Emily Winans

My daughter absolutely loved the Ragdoll Cat. It is soft, life like, and easy to cuddle and pet. She takes it everywhere with her. We will definitely purchase more cats in the future.

Very Snugly and Realistic!

This pretty cat is very lifelike and is so soft and comforting! I recommend this kitty! This is also one of the prettiest cats I've seen on Douglas. Amazing quality, I can tell I'm going to have this cat for a long time!

Really wonderful and my daughter loves it

Really wonderful and my daughter loves it!

A Lovely Cat Toy for Any Child

When my sister’s great-20 month old grandson, stops to visit me occasionally, he loves my real cat. Spur of the moment, I decided to get him a stuffed one for Cmas to call his own. Your display of stuffed animals are very beautiful and if any opportunity comes around again for me, have no problem coming back to your web site to order again. Thank you.