Sebastian Himalayan Cat



Meet Sebastian our beautiful plush Himalayan Cat. The Himalayan breed is known for their loyalty to family members and for their sweet, docile nature. Like his real life counter parts, Sebastian’s favorite activities include lounging in bright patches of warm sunlight and napping in the laps of his favorite family members. Sebastian boasts an ultra soft cream coat with brown points and a long fluffy tail. At a luxurious 19” long, this plush kitty is the perfect size for cozy cuddling. His gently weighted, floppy body style and striking blue eyes are sure to delight all who have the pleasure of meeting him! Welcome Sebastian the lovable Himalayan Cat stuffed animal into your heart and home today!

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Weight10.2 oz
Dimensions12 × 7 × 5 in

24 Months & Up


15" Long Without Tail


(38 cm)



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LOVE the look of Sebastian. A couple tactile issues.

I wanted Sebastian to be my snuggly, comfort companion after surgery. He is beautiful to look at. I adore the coloration of his fur and his sweet face. His fur is super soft to touch and I enjoy petting him on my lap. One ear is smaller than the other which is not really a big deal. It gives him character I think. He's not as comfy to cuddle with as I had hope though.
When I held him close I noticed that his paws were stiff, somewhat pointed and poked me. I massaged them until the beads spread out a bit and they become somewhat softer and more comfortable when snuggling. I've also found that all the seams are noticeable as they are a bit stiff almost like raised scars. I'm hoping they will soften with time or I'll just get used to them. I love him already and wouldn't return him. I will try to buy my next one in person instead of on their website so I can be sure of how they feel when snuggled and they won't get squished in shipping.
This one was packed in a thin plastic bag which our mail handler stuffed into my mailbox smashing Sebastian's nose in the process. He was also squished a bit all over. I was able to adjust him enough so it's fine, but that's not a good way to pack a stuffy that's going to be mailed.
Sebastian is 10.5 inches from nose to base of his tail. With his legs stretched out he is 15 inches and his luxurious tail adds another 4 inches to his total length. He comes laying down and is about 7 inches high. He is a smaller kitty than some of Douglas', but still a good size. He looks happy stretched out on my pillow and he makes me smile when I see him.


Sebastian, now named Jasmine, by my daughter, is a beautifully made cat that is very much worth the money! I wish every stuffed animal I bought for my kids were such good quality! Jasmine is one of the only plush’s that’s have not had to be sewed up yet!

Kathleen Childress
Love it!

Got this for my granddaughter, who is an avid cat lover. I can hardly wait for her to open it up on Christmas morning!

Shelli Banks

Sebastian Himalayan Cat

Elin Larson

Sebastian the Himalayan Cat, now named Butternut, is soft and comforting and almost the size of a real house cat. What I like about him is his super soft fur and the fact that he is filled kind of like a bean bag in his belly and paws. This gives him a nice bit of weight. I have now three Douglas Cuddle cats. The last one I bought was a smaller all black kitty I named Luna. When I hold Luna and Butternut it almost feels as if I’m cradling my beloved real life Tuxie, Rio, who I had to put down a few years ago. Nothing brought my blood pressure down as well as snuggling with her. Butternut and Luna almost achieve the same.