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Want a unique plush that will wow the crowd? Then you might be looking for our stuffed toy, Stretch the Squid! With his longest tentacles measuring 40” in length, this impressive squid plush is sure to delight those who adore the mysterious creatures of the briny deep! Made with brightly colored orange fabrics that are soft to the touch and featuring large, realistic green eyes, Stretch won’t fail to capture the attention of all who are lucky enough to lay eyes on him. Bring this deep sea beauty home to cuddle or take him to class as an educational toy, Stretch is one cool squid who’ll inspire fascination wherever he goes!

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Weight9.6 oz
Dimensions18 × 8 × 4.5 in
Animal / Character



24 Months & Up


40" Long With Tentacles


(102 cm)



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Customer Reviews

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Kai Gregory
Love him!!! So long

He’s the perfect size, nice and squishy and it comes anatomically accurate!! As a sea life enthusiast I am in love with him 🦑

Paul Rivera
Squiddy Rocks!

We LOVE Stretch the Squid! We have officially adopted him, and he has become a loved and respected member of our family. He has found his own voice in our home (Bloop!). He is amazing, handsome, and smart. And oh so graceful as he floats through the water, or just the air. Out of affection, we call him "Squiddy" or "Squidman". We were unsure of Squiddy's biological sex until we checked back with the Douglas website featuring his description and specifications. Thanks to Douglas for clearly specifying Squiddy as a male, and thereby settling the argument in our home - Squiddy is 100% male! Now we need to find him a proper mate....

Robin Miller
stretch squid

My grandson absolutely loves the squid. He carries it with him everywhere. He pretends it talks.

Jeffrey Wolf

Two tentacles up!

Mary Fura
Scientifically Accurate

My daughter fell in love with this squid at a local store and really wanted it for her 4th birthday. We called the store and they had sold out, so we purchased it online. It arrived quickly, and my daughter was thrilled with it at her party. After her party, she started asking about all the parts- the mouth, the jet, the intake - this is the most scientifically accurate stuffed animal I’ve ever come across - certainly wasn’t our intention to teach her out a squid eats or moves, but pretty cool that we can. Thanks for having this online and making my daughters birthday a success!