Dixie Sheltie



Dixie, our darling plush Sheltie dog, has all the charm and grace of her real life counterparts! Her soulful brown eyes give her an adoring expression that we’re sure will make her a favorite. Luxuriously long plush fur has been selected to depict the sable coat of a Shetland Sheepdog and it gives Dixie a convincingly lifelike appearance. For added realism, she features airbrushed facial details and a soft, leatherette nose. Dixie’s standing pose is sturdy enough to stand on its own but her polyester filled body ensures this soft stuffed animal is still cuddly enough for hugs. Bring this lovable plush Sheltie home today and she will be your most loyal and affectionate friend!

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Weight11.3 oz
Dimensions11 × 16 × 6 in

24 Months & Up


18" Long


(45 cm)

Stuffed Toy Size






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Customer Reviews

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Weston F. Cook, Jr.
An Avoidable Disappointment

I appreciate your invitation to evaluate your "Dixie Sheltie" doll. First of all, the doll meets that advertised standards in appearance, life-like feel and cuddliness, and is very clean, very portable for a child. The ears are perhaps smaller than those of a real sheltie, but otherwise the doll is very realistic. However, the doll was not packed at all but rather thrown or pushed into the mailing package. Although the box showed no signs of damage, the doll arrived with its head bent to one side rather than looking straight ahead and one leg bent sufficiently that in could not stand without falling over. Attempts to bend the doll back into a normal position were not terribly successful, since the internal framework is apparently resistant to resetting...although the doll does now stand unaided and having the head cocked slightly to one side is realistic enough. Proper packaging with protective filling and in a rectangular box structured for the doll to fit inside naturally would have prevented this damage.
We will keep this doll but strongly advise you to take the trouble to insure that yoour handsome (and not inexpensive) creations do not disappoint future customers when easily available precautions could guarantee your dolls are received with the delight that should attend thier opening. Best regards.

Alfred Cicere
Wife loves Dixie Sheltie

My wife and I had a sheltie that passed away, and there is still a hole in our hearts. My daughter received a Douglas Sheltie as a gift, and I decided to get my wife one as well. As soon as I saw Dixie Sheltie and how much she resembled our departed Sheltie, I knew I had to get this for her. She is thrilled with Dixie and reminds her of how much she loved ours.

Michael Whitelock
Precious little Sheltie

I received one of these for Christmas last year. Such a beautiful little dog. She replaced my Sheltie that I lost to cancer earlier. I will just pick her up and pet her she is so soft and cuddles good. It would be nice if you could make them bark, but I don't miss taking the out to potie and poop.

Tina Fiske
Cute toy

My niece loved this toy.

The Santangelo Family
Very good quality toy!

Looks better in person than in the picture! You won't regret getting one!