Roxy Red Fox



When it comes to blending into a woodsy forest habitat, Roxy the plush Red Fox knows how to do it best! Featuring a rich, russet coat and elegant black stockings, Roxy is one well dressed woodland critter who’s always in style! Crafted with only the highest quality plush materials and stuffed with silky soft polyester fill, she is wonderfully cuddly and designed to hold up to hours of play and a lifetime of love and hugs. And with her playful, bright eyed expression, you’ll find it hard to resist Roxy’s charm! A floppy body style adds to the lifelike feel of this stuffed animal. Cuddle Roxy up in your lap or drape her over one of your shoulders so she can keep an eye on what you’re doing. With her attractive looks and snuggly soft design, Roxy the Fox is the perfect friend!

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Weight7 oz
Dimensions10 × 6 × 5 in

24 Months & Up


(36 cm)


14" Long

Stuffed Toy Size





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Same amazing quality as 20 years ago...

When I was 7, my parents bought me a red fox plush from a local toy store while on vacation. I named her Trixie and she quickly became one of my favorite toys. Unfortunately, our dog eventually got to her, and I had to throw her away. Even though I had other stuffed animals, I was of course dismayed to lose my beloved Trixie so unceremoniously.

Twenty years later, I've never really forgotten that feeling; every so often, the half-serious idea of trying to replace Trixie would pass through my head. I knew it was silly, and even if I went through with it, I was certain I wouldn't be able to find the exact plush that I had as a child. What company would be making the same toy after two decades? Heck, whatever company made Trixie had probably gone out of business years ago!

One night, unable to sleep, I started doing some cursory searches, just to see if I could figure out what brand she was. Maybe I could find one secondhand, or at least something very similar. Eventually I started searching "red fox plush" in conjunction with well-known toy brands, and when I got to Douglas... there was Trixie! Or, it seemed her official name was Roxy. But it was the very same fox in that photo of me on vacation all those years ago. Again, maybe it was silly and sentimental, but I went ahead and took the plunge to bring back a beloved childhood friend.

When Roxy arrived, I was amazed all over again at her quality. The soft and richly-colored fur, the luxurious tail, the lifelike eyes, the velvety nose... everything was just as great as I remembered. I'm still in awe at the fact that not only is Douglas making the exact same toy they made back then, but that the quality has not declined, even as other companies try to force consumers to accept lower and lower standards. So... I feel like I ought to say, thank you for making this possible.

Meg Hammond

I must tell you that your Roxy Red Fox is absolutely fabulous! I have searched for the " perfect" red fox for a long time and was thrilled when I found Roxy-- the softest plush tail ,soft black velvet paws and flannel lined black velvet ears--- a dream come true!

jeanne whyte

our 4 month old baby loves it.


I got two of these as gifts for my nieces. They were so soft and plush—a total hit with the kids! They were excited to go to bed to snuggle their new fox!

Catherine Lester

This was a special adoption gift and the youth absolutely loves Roxy. She is so soft and a perfect cuddle friend.