James Black Lab



At a generous 24” in length, James, our lovable Black Lab is an extra large armful of plush puppy! This handsome and realistic plush Lab features a floppy body that is easy to pose and is irresistibly huggable. Crafted with luxurious jet black fur, James is an unbelievably soft Black Lab stuffed animal. Floppy ears and soulful brown eyes give James a lifelike expression and sweet personality. Wrap your arms around him or lean back on this plush dog and use him as a soft pillow, James will become a favorite companion whenever it’s time to curl up and cuddle. No bones about it, this gorgeous plush Labrador Retriever is the next best thing to a real dog!

Additional information

Weight48 oz
Dimensions10 × 14 × 8 in

24 Months & Up


23" Long


(58.5 cm)

Stuffed Toy Size





Black Lab, Labrador

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Customer Reviews

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alicia rebol

Hello. I’ve waited to give to my daughter for her birthday but when I ordered this I took the exact number from the dog of her girlfriends exact black lab. However my dog that I received seems much smaller then the one I had taken the original numbers from. I’m hoping since it’s been in a box it will become larger once it’s out. However if not the case I will be returning.

Nice but not posable

We received this today and while it is very well made, we were disappointed that it doesn’t stand up on its own as pictured. The description also say that it is posable which it really isn’t as it won’t stand or sit. It can lay on its side or stomach but that’s about it.

Tayla L
Daughter loves it!

James is the perfect size to be big but still carryable for our toddler. He's super soft flexible enough to make sleeping with comfy and playing with perfect.

I love James so much I had to get 2!

James is one of my most fave plushies by Douglas.
Maybe because he reminds me of my angel dog that passed away in October last year and the dog I have left now but he is super soft, the right amount of floppy ness, he is just perfect for cuddling or just pet while on your lap.
I highly recommend this doggy!! 

Rebecca Gray Smith
James Black Lab

James is wonderful -- in fact so wonderful, I bought a 2nd "James" after I received this one.