Large Plush Favorites

You’ll love our large plush collection featuring cuddly stuffed animals 20″ or larger. Discover giant lifelike stuffed animals and fall in love with a new friend.

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    Natches Paint Horse

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  • Jumbo Unicorn Plush

    Jules Jumbo Unicorn

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  • Gordy Jumbo Sloth

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  • Major German Shepherd*

    Major German Shepherd

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  • Bentley Giraffe

    Bentley Giraffe

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  • Clifford Floppy, Extra Large

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  • Dickens Black Lab

    $143.95 Read more
  • Sherman Golden Retriever

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  • Alps Bernese Mountain Dog

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  • Orville Lg Emperor Penguin

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  • Abracadabra Unicorn

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  • Fin Great White Shark

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