A Few Tips to Inspire Pretend Play

Whether silly or spooky, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays because everyone is thinking about dressing up. As it gets closer to October 31st, we know there will be lots of debating over your child’s costume and its details. Deciding “what to be” is a challenge as old as time. However, when it comes to dress-up, many kids delight in a few tried and true classics. Who hasn’t been a superhero or fairy princess at least once in their life? A few simple props and accessories can be transformational. It seems only natural that kids are drawn to the sparkly personas of royalty and super powers. So whether you are looking for a Halloween costume or accessory, or just a few pretend play favorites to evoke some make-believe, take a look at some of our favorite Dreamy Dress-Up pieces. Let pretend play work its magic on your children this Halloween (and beyond) and inspire make-believe at your home. Here are some of our  dress-up favorites.

Give Them Wings

Let imaginations soar with fanciful wings! Kids adore these simple, elastic-banded add-ons whether they are imitating a fairy, dragon, or butterfly. Shop our natural wings and customize what type of beautiful butterfly your child will morph into. Our designs represent the beautiful colors of some of the more well-known butterfly species. If butterflies aren’t your thing, we also offer bumblebee wings, ladybug wings, and even peacock wings. For a more fanciful experience, check out our fantasy wings— perfect for fairies and dragons. Spark some creativity and give your kids a set of wings today!

Let Them Twirl

Have you ever spun around in a dress that twirls? here’s something about  a costume that makes you want to dance—and smile! Give your kids something fun to frolic in and allows them to make-believe, whether as a ballerina, a princess, or a dragon slayer. Our tutus come in 3 different sizes and generally fit kids  ages 3-7. In addition, our popular fly-away dresses are spectacular on the twirl scale with their intricate tulle layering! Inspire some creative movement with costume play.

Let Them Be Heroes

Do you remember the first time you put on a hero’s cape or a mask? Costumes have an awesome ability to transform us and inspire make-believe. It’s fun to pretend and experience a new perspective on the world. With a cape or a mask,  children can take on another identity, be empowered, and explore new experiences. We offer some great children’s masks and children’s capes to spark your child’s inner hero. Best of all, our  masks aren’t scary or gruesome, or  itchy and uncomfortable.

Pretend play doesn’t have to be a once-a-year special occasion! The simple act of dressing up and playing with a few props can help children communicate, problem-solve, gain social skills, explore their creative side,  and have a whole lot of fun! So go ahead and search for a great Halloween costume. But don’t forget to  encourage pretend play throughout the year and introduce your kids to some fun, spirited accessories. We would love to hear how your child’s imagination is sparked with our Dreamy Dress-Up wings, tutus, fly-away dresses, masks, capes, and more.

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Discover fanciful wings in a wide selection of style and colors. Kids love these!


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Discover fun and comfortable masks in sateen, colorful prints and sparkly accents. Soft elastic tieback comes on and off with ease – perfect for kids!

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Intricate dresses with tulle layering, satin and elastic. Embroidered details and wings firmly attached to dress. Soft elastic finger loops on wings.
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Become a hero with a mask and cape! Perfect for pretend play, dress-up and dance!

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Our fanciful fairy tutus are packed with tulle layers with sparkly trimmings! Choose from 3 sizes! Soft, stretchy, silver elastic waistband comes on and off with ease.

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