Lost and Found Comfort Toys—Keeping Our Customers Smiling

A boy and his snuggler

Mason’s Story

Douglas Company gets daily reviews, calls, emails and stories from our customers. Often they are about how much the customer loves the softness, quality and overall cuddle-worthy-ness of our product. Sometimes they are suggestions for new products or ideas about how we could improve an animal. Customer thoughts and ideas always bring us insight into how to be the best we can be. Sometimes we are lucky enough to hear amazing, heart-warming stories about how Douglas stuffed animals have helped someone through a hard time, have been loved to near tatters (which we know is super hard to do!) or have significantly impacted upon a life. This past year two of those truly awesome stories stood out.

Meet Mason, a four-year old little boy who lives in Ontario. When he lost his beloved “Lambie” in a local shopping mall his mother put out a plea for help, along with a $200 reward on a local social media site. In a matter of hours Mason’s story and the search for his Lambie went viral. Mason is blind and, as his mother shared, has used his special lamb rattle to calm him, ease his tension, and bring him assurance in a world that is sometimes overwhelming. Without his Lambie Mason was lost. It quickly came to the attention of our offices in Keene, NH that Mason’s beloved Lambie was a plush lamb rattle manufactured by us, here at Douglas Cuddle Toys. Although the product had long been discontinued, the Douglas Design Team rushed into full-swing to make not one but two replacements for Mason, including personalized name tags!! Within two days Mason was reunited with his new Lambies. And although they were new and not yet fiercely loved, we suspect that they will quickly become just as special as the original. Mason’s mom sent us this (ah-mazing) photo after he opened the package we sent… What a glorious smile you have Mason! Enjoy those lambs!! Photo Credits: http://Ifpress.com

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