It’s the 12 Days of Giveaways!

During the 12 Days of Giveaways Douglas Cuddle Toy gave away 12 amazing stuffed animals. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Now we are focusing on our new products including Rescue Pups and Princess Mermaid Collection. Click on the links below to continue shopping our items.

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We will be offering more contest throughout the year so check back to our website often.

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  1. My triplet grandkids Love Love cuddling animals. They have 2 rescue cats and 2 rescue dogs. They would love to win! They would think grandma is so awesome for winning a stuff animal.

  2. I love Douglas plushies! They are my favorite brand. I can’t go a day without looking for one! Winning a giveaway would be so awesome and a dream come true!

  3. I just purchased 2 beautiful owls last week for my daughter in law baby shower! Our granddaughter room will be owl theme!
    She loved them! Thanks, for your amazing cuddle animals!

  4. Cuddle toys are so enjoyable when you buy one and give it to your grandson who cherishes it daily by dragging it around for months on end!

  5. every time i had a child their first stuffed animal from us was a white douglas toy stuffed animal,, i have passed this down to my first granddaughter being born in feb of 2017,, love the feeling of them,, so soft and cuddly

  6. Love Douglas toys !
    Born & raised in Keene NH great memories of going upstairs to the little store & picking out a fluffy friend to love ❤️!
    Always a quality product!

  7. To be in business for 60 years has to tell you something 🙂 Douglas plush toys are the best quality and totally safe for children!!

  8. My granson got one of the suggies with silk on paws when born and takes it evey where and hes nearly five now loves it

  9. I have been giving your Sweet Douglas Animals for a few years, as baby shower present toppers instead of bows, Stocking stuffers, with birthday cards attached to one. As a special gift, for friends children when I know which animal they like. l have given them to my own grandson Elijah, as he loves all animals. Get well gifts w/ a card or flowers. My friends just love them and think it’s nice I give them an extra little friend. Best of all, I keep some home for when a friend will come bye with their friend and they have a child or children. It’s a nice little gift to make the child feel special and relaxed. P.S Best thing is, it puts a smile one everyones’ face when they are received. Big Thanks !

  10. Just received my order. Love what I got. I remember going to the store in Keene NH when I was little and picking out a new bear every year. Miss the store.

  11. My adorable granddaughter, Aurora, is taking riding lessons, and she has a white pony that she rides. She would LOVE to get this white pony for her birthday 12/29. The theme of her party this year is white ponies!!

  12. OMG I collect Foxes I need this prize 🙂 I have them from all over the world!! Stuffed, statues, cookie jars jewlery and even a fox tattoo!!

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