10 Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

Baby's First Christmas | Douglas Cuddle Toys

If this holiday season is also baby’s first Christmas, you’re in for a treatthere are tons of creative ways to celebrate the special occasion. Looking to commemorate this time of year as a family? Here’s a roundup of 10 imaginative ways to do just that.

Family Christmas Movie Night

For some, Christmas movies are the best part of the season. Gathering the family and snuggling up together to watch your favorite one is a great family tradition that can grow with your child through the years. For little ones who aren’t exactly movie-ready, use the opportunity to just be together. While mom and dad sip hot cocoa, baby can keep cozy on a soft stuffed animal mat as you make new memories.

Select a Special Stuffed Animal

From providing much-needed comfort to helping to develop blossoming social skills, stuffed animals are important companions for little ones. To celebrate baby’s first Christmas, mark the occasion by bringing a new cuddly friend into the family. Stuffed teddy bears are a great choice because they aren’t holiday-specific, which means that your baby can love on them all year long.

Create an Annual Ornament

In our house, decorating the family Christmas tree is a long-held family tradition that my 4- and 5-year-old daughters always look forward to (even if it usually means one or two broken ornaments!). Get baby in on the action by creating a special handmade decoration. Capturing their little footprints on a beautiful Christmas ornament is a lovely way to both decorate the tree and celebrate the occasion.

Create a Christmas Memory Book

One of the most special gifts I’ve ever received was a photo book my husband had custom-made for me. Inside were dozens of snapshots of our children growing through the years. Put a festive spin on the idea by creating a “Baby’s First Christmas” photo book. In addition to pictures, you can also include keepsakes like handwritten notes of your favorite memories.

Make a DIY Christmas Stocking

What’s Christmas without a stocking? Instead of going for a store-bought option, opt to create your own. From traditional to funky, there are endless creative ways to go about it. To dial it up, you can even make your own one-of-a-kind stocking hangers that can be switched out every year.

Take a Family Photo

Snapping family holiday photos is an amazing way to celebrate the season, especially if it’s baby’s first Christmas. It’s also a great way to show off your family’s unique personality. (One quick search on Pinterest reveals a treasure trove of photo optionsfrom super traditional to offbeat and out there.) As your child grows, these pictures can also be compiled into one big photo book that spans the years.

Pick Up Some Christmas Jammies

One of my favorite Christmas activities revolves around pajamas. Every Christmas Eve, my brother and sister and I round up all of our kids in matching Christmas pajamas for a group photo. It’s gradually become a quirky family tradition that we all love. If it’s your little one’s first Christmas, splurging on a special holiday-themed onesie or PJ set is a fun way to celebrate.

Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree as a Family

Selecting the best family Christmas tree doesn’t have to mean venturing out into the wilderness to cut one down yourself. Instead, visit a local farm or even a hardware store to choose your favorite tree. Baby can take in all the sensory detailsfrom the scent of fresh pine to the sparkle of twinkling lights.

Stock Up on Christmas Books

Interactive board books are a fantastic way to engage your little one while teaching them new things. One of my favorite traditions is taking my daughters to the bookstore to pick up a new Christmas book each year. For babies, consider creating your own book that features photos of family members.

Play in the Snow

Making a snowman from scratch is a surefire way to spread Christmas cheer. For babies, playing in the snow is also a wonderfully rich sensory experience. If you live in a warmer, snow-free climate, consider making your own.

Happy holidays!


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