The Importance of Security Blankets

Security Blankets

Studies have shown that security blankets (also called loveys or blankies) can be extremely beneficial to a child’s development.

Within the first couple months, a baby and its mother form an extremely close bond. This bond is due to the dependence for everything from its mother. As a baby gets older, the child become more aware of his or her reliance on its parent. A baby often becomes afraid when its mother leaves not knowing if she will return. This is when a security blanket is most beneficial.

When the blanket is introduced, it is said to be seen as an extension of the mother. When the mother is gone, the blanket gives a baby comfort and reminds him or her of its mother. As a child grows into a toddler, this same blanket helps relieve stress and anxiety when dealing with different situations. Once parents leave their child more often, the blanket acts as a bridge and provides a constant reminder of familiar scents and the feeling of security that parents provide.

Security blankets, however, don’t necessarily have to be blankets. Many children also use pillows, pillowcases, or plush toys as their blankie. It’s all about what item gives them comfort and reassurance.


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