Stuffed Animal Storage: Four {Fab} Solutions!

Boon Animal Bag

Not many can resist the soft, cuddly goodness of a stuffed toy. Or 43 more. Right? But what happens when they start to creep out of every bin, bucket and shelf in your house? When your once gleaming wood floors have been replaced by a sea of plush? We’ve scoured the internet to find four fabulous, unique, fun, effective and easy storage solutions for all that cuddly goodness taking over your house. Several different solutions follow.

1. From the company, Boon, an innovative leader in infant and child products comes the Animal Bag. A soft, cushy zippered bag that can hold your entire collection of stuffed friends which, if the animals don’t mind, doubles as a seat when full.   Available in colors like purple, grey, orange and blue make it an interesting and fashion forward piece in your children’s play space. Oh, and two more things. The top is clear so your kiddos can actually see their stuffed toys and remember to play with them! Lastly, we love Boon’s commitment to safety; the Animal Bag is BpA-free and Phthalate-free!

boonanimalseatbq1Boon Animal Bag

2. This DIY project is just super simple and so fun! Re-purpose garden baskets and hang them on any wall to create easily accessible kiddo must-haves. These half baskets are available in endless colors, shapes and styles and you could always get crafty and paint or decorate to make it extra special or coordinate with your décor!Better Homes and Gardens supplied this rockin’ idea and they have SO many other awesome decorating inspirations, too.


3. A stuffed animal swing? Yes, please! Slightly more involved, this DIY project from the blog it’s always autumn is just too fun! On her blog Autumn gives detailed instructions for assembly including the materials you’ll need, etc. She does suggest this storage swing for older children – or those who understand it’s not a swing for them.


4. Simple, cost effective (yep, just $4.99); a no brainer. From Ikea comes the PS FÅNGST a hanging storage contraption with six compartments. Available in bright green, pink or turquoise it is easily hung from the ceiling or a room or can be attached to a bar in a closet. (Velcro closures allow for easy attachment.)


Some of you may also have creative solutions make sure your house doesn’t become stuffed with stuffed animals. We want to hear from you—including ideas for keeping toys in general organized, and of course, OFF the floor!

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