Mini Lizzie Soft Sloth



The smallest in our Lizzie Soft Sloth collection, Mini Lizzie is as adorable as can be! This pint sized Sloth stuffed animal features taupe colored plush fur and a bean filled bottom. She sits in an upright position and looks out expectantly with lively, dark eyes. Her hands and feet are all detailed with curved felt claws, as one would expect from any Three Toed Sloth! Lizzie’s tiny, dark nose and cheerful smile complete her expression and will have fans of these slow moving, jungle animals completely smitten. There’s no need to visit a rainforest to get your fill of Sloth cuddles. Simply make Lizzie the Sloth plush your own and this cuddly friend will be with you every moment of the day!

Additional information

Weight4 oz
Dimensions6 × 7 × 7 in

24 Months & Up


6" Sitting


(15 cm)




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