Ramsey DLux Gray Spotted Bunny



There’s not much Ramsey the Gray Spotted DLux plush Bunny loves more than nibbling fresh shoots of young spring grass. Unless, of course, it involves snuggling up with a friend! Featuring the quality plush materials our DLux animals are known for, Ramsey is a luxurious lop eared rabbit stuffed animal who’ll become a favorite cuddle time pal. You’ll find his floppy form to be irresistibly huggable thanks to weighted paws and a slightly understuffed body. Natural colors pattern Ramsey’s fur while a lifelike pose lends him an appearance that’s gentle and realistic. Surprise someone special with Ramsey today, he’s an endearing springtime companion whose charm will endure throughout the year!

Additional information

Weight14 oz
Dimensions16 × 7 × 8 in

24 Months & Up


18" Long


(46 cm)





Customer Reviews

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Laura Brinkhoff

Ramsey DLux Gray Spotted Bunny

Lily Skinner
a kind friend to keep your spirits up

I bought this sweet boy to bring some joy to my life, and joy he does bring. I enjoy keeping him on my lap while I play games or do work.
Here are a couple things I'd like to mention about sweet Ramsey:
First off, most of his fur isn't the softest. It's not scratchy per se but if you are overly sensitive to certain textures it may bother you like it occasionally does for me while cuddling. The fur on his ears and paws however are VERY soft, and I enjoy stroking his long ears when I'm nervous, the texture is so silky and nice to the feel. I also appreciate his stuffing distribution. He isn't too floppy or droopy anywhere, but he's still very light. His head stays up so he can always look you right in the face with his kind comforting eyes.
Speaking of eyes, however, the fur around his face is a bit long. I had to trim it up a bit around them so I could see his sweet gaze better.
Ramsey (or S'mores as he lets me call him) is a cute well designed plushie. If you love rabbits, I'd definitely recommend him.


The fur on most of the body is not the softest that Douglas has to offer, however they are still very cute and cuddly. The fur on the ears and the bottoms of the feet is very soft. This bunny is the perfect size. I trimmed the fur around their eyes and nose so they can see. I am looking forward to many cuddles with them.

Good quality

Very good quality. But as a collector just wish they would ship in a box instead of cramped in a package which caused some distortion to the face and fur.

Joy Shrout

Ramsey DLux Gray Spotted Bunny