Creamie DLux Soft Bunny



The same pastel orange hue as that favorite summer treat, Creamie the Soft Bunny stuffed animal is a whimsical reminder of the warm days ahead! All charm with his floppy lop ears and wide, dark eyes, Creamie will find his way into your heart before you know it! Featuring a posable design that allows him to sit up or lie down, he’s a welcome sidekick for playtime fun or as an Easter basket accessory. Creamie’s number one talent, however, is cuddling! Decadently soft plush materials and a body gently weighted with beans gives this warm colored bunny the edge when it come to hugs. Bring home Creamie and he’ll prove himself as the ultimate cuddle bunny!

Additional information

Weight11 oz
Dimensions8 × 10 × 9 in

24 Months & Up


10" Sitting




Softs, DLux

Customer Reviews

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genuinely the softest thing ever

this lil guy... is SO soft. touching its fur feels like a dream. an adorable dream. would buy more!

Bethany Weiler
A Beautiful Bun

I am an adult and got this bun for Easter; he is lovely. Super soft and has the sweetest expression. The fabric on the paws and insides of the ears is so velvety and comforting. Beautiful color, too, I hope Douglas makes this bun in more pastel colors. I really love him. Mine is named Peaches.

Super fluffy and sweet!

I got this bunny after getting Stormie because I absolutely adore them and really wanted more from this line of plushes. I was curious what a Soft that is also 'DLux' would be like since Stormie is already as deluxe as can be to me.
I just got mine the day of writing this and he has a different kind of fur from Stormie that's far fluffier. He's extremely pettable and fun to bury your face in. I wouldn't say that I prefer one or the other. In fact I love both for different reasons!
He's slightly bigger, but not by much which I knew to expect from the given measurements. He feels a bit fuller/puffier too. He's very well made.
I'd like to eventually have all the Softs bunnies. I can't get enough of them.