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A cuddly armful of mischief, Zoey the DLux plush Cat will keep you on your toes with her fun-loving personality! If she’s not out chasing butterflies in the garden, she’s likely hiding inside behind a couch or chair just waiting for someone to pass by so she can jump out and surprise them! Part of our DLux collection, Zoey features only the finest plush materials for a lifelike appearance that’s also indulgently cuddly. Bean-filled paws and silky polyester fill lend her body a playful floppiness. Bright, orange tinted eyes and a pink, sculpted nose lend Zoey an expression that feline fanciers will find difficult to resist. Invite Zoey the DLux Cat stuffed animal into your home and she’ll provide hours of amusements and hugs!

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Weight9.6 oz
Dimensions20 × 5 × 8 in

24 Months & Up


20" Long


(51 cm)





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Customer Reviews

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Robin Palmer

Love her

In My Humble Opinion
I wanted to like this cat, but….

I felt the coloration on this Zoey DLux cat was very harsh, and the body of the cat was flimsy and didn’t have nearly enough stuffing compared with the paws. I own three other Douglas cats — Puzzle, Sebastian Himalayan, and Smokey Gray — which are beautiful and very well made. Suggestion box: I would like to see the “Puzzle” design in different color variations, such as ginger, gray stripe, black. It’s a winner design and size, with very soft “fur,” why not make more?!

Debra Swartz

I love my Douglas babies. Zoey is soft and huggable and I love her. She went on vacation with me and made me comfortable with her presence. She joins Oscar and her doggie brother. Fast shipping and great service.

P Ross
Zoey was warmly received; Kay says she is keeping a watchful eye on me.

My friend is 98 years old. Katherine’s cat had been with her for a decade. That is a long time to have to give up your companion, especially when you know it would be selfish to have another pet.

Peter Polson
Great animal

She is Very sweet. I love her.she is very soft and cute!!!!!!!!!!! And she is my 83rd stuffed animal. It is well made. And recommend getting her!!!!!!! And she has beautiful fur !! I love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!