Wolfgang Pointer



With a brown speckled coat and a nose for adventure, Wolfgang the plush Pointer puppy is a first class hunting dog! Stand back and let him sniff out an exciting day of fun and games! With Wolfgang’s highly realistic, breed specific design, even the most discerning of dog lovers will be howling his praises. Cuddly materials of the highest quality have been combined with silky polyester fill to create a plush companion so soft and huggable, it’s easy to see why this gorgeous pup is such a fan favorite! Wolfgang’s winsome expression can be attributed to those soulful brown puppy eyes and his look is completed with a soft, brown leatherette nose. Bring home this charming hound and Wolfgang the Pointer stuffed animal will become a beloved member of the family!

Additional information

Weight11.1 oz
Dimensions13 × 5 × 8 in

24 Months & Up


16" Long


(41 cm)

Stuffed Toy Size






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Customer Reviews

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Good dog

It is so cute, but can't find it anywhere besides Douglascuddletoy.com

Cutie patootie

He is just the cutest thing, best quality in general.

A very good companion

While i didnt get my wolfgang plush from the douglas store here online i did get him many years ago when me and my grandma went into a small shop. We went inside and i immediatly went towards the stuffed animals and fell inlove with wolfgang, or as ive called him for many years doug or douglas since i didnt know he already had a name i named him after the store/my grandpa. Ive had douglas for so long and have cherised him he is a wonderful stuffed animal and if you are considering buying him do it, hes a very good boy especially in the hard times. Have a good day everyone and a very merry christmas

David J. Griffith
Lapdog 4 shore !!

What a great and realistic plush toy for any child. The facial expression and the size of this plush toy are perfect. If you are not sure about what Douglas plush toy to buy....then get this one. You won't be disappointed.

Brittany Laughlin
The most durable, high-quality, and long-lasting stuffed animal I've ever found!

We purchased Wolfgang Pointer for our pointer pup and he LOVES it. Doug, his new name, obviously, is both a friend and foe to our Lewis, and is, by far, his favorite toy. And though we're now on Doug 2.0, he is the most durable toy in Lewis' collection. In the time we had Doug 1.0, our pup had chewed through numerous dog-specific toys, and yet, Doug 1.0 sustained! Even now, all Doug needs is a periodic dip in the washer and he's as good as new. Five stars. Would recommend for people or dogs.