Vince Black Footed Ferret



With his alert expression and bright eyes, Vince our Black-Footed Ferret stuffed toy is here to charm you. Vince is an accurate plush representation of an endangered species of weasel. He is as cute as he is rare! Crafted with high-quality plush materials with an emphasis on realism, this ferret is a soft and appealing plush toy. His body measures 10″ long and is nearly the size of a real ferret. Additional features include a fuzzy flocked nose and a black face mask. Airbrushing around his face and down his back add to his realistic appearance. Let our cuddly Black-Footed Ferret stuffed toy scamper into your heart today!

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Weight6.6 oz
Dimensions10 × 6 × 9 in

24 Months & Up


10" Long


(25 cm)



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Customer Reviews

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Charles Forsythe
After 45 Years, We Got Another Douglas Toys Ferret!

In 1979, my wife's father bought her a plush ferret at F.A.O. Schwartz and it became her favorite. She named him "Lenny." She still has Lenny and he's in good shape considering his age. One thing that Lenny still has is a tag identifying him as a product of Douglas Toys, so I looked up the company. I was happy to see that they are still in business!

I bought the black-footed ferret as a companion for Lenny. I named him Squiggy, which I had to explain to my wife because she never watched much TV as a kid. It's amazing to see the advances in design and materials. Squiggy is a gorgeous plush. I wish I could post a photo contrasting the two designs.

Jill Butler

we bought Vince for a friend who had another black footed ferret stuffie.that was old. I thought the smaller ferret looked closer to the original. any way she loved it. Good job again Douglass.

Barbara Ann
Theo’s Vince

I think Vince is so precious! He has a very expressive face and is ever so soft. I’m giving him to my 3 year old great grandson for Christmas. I can’t wait to see his reaction. I will definitely be videoing it. ❤️

Desislava Hineva


Bradley Davidson

My great niece loves watching ferret videos and exploring material textures. Vince was a gift for her. She absolutely loved him. I am impressed with the design, quality and attention to detail. Nice work. Well done.