Barry Badger



With a stocky body and stout legs, it’s clear that Barry the plush Badger’s greatest skill is digging tunnels and building burrows! Barry makes this tough excavation work look easy when he paws through the dirt with his strong arms and black, pointed claws. Designed to be an accurate depiction of real life Badgers, Barry features a triangular face detailed with realistic black and white markings. His grizzled gray and white coat adds to his lifelike appearance and is ultra soft and cuddly too. Resilient polyester fill ensures Barry will stand up to a lifetime of affection and still be around for more hugs. Bring home Barry the Badger and this appealing stuffed animal will prove himself as a steadfast friend!

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Weight4.1 oz
Dimensions11 × 5 × 4 in

24 Months & Up


11" Long Without Tail


(28 cm)



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Customer Reviews

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Robyn S
Everybody needs a badger

I have an unreasonable love for badgers - don't ask me why, I have no idea. Imagine Kristen Bell and how googoo she is over sloths... well, that's me, but about badgers. If I could have one as a pet and not be arrested, I'd have a menagerie of badgers in my yard.
Annnyhow. My kids surprised me this Christmas and ordered me a Barry Badger. It was super unexpected, and I cried. This is quite possibly the cutest stuffed animal that has ever existed - it's certainly the softest. His little face has an impossibly sweet expression, his tail flops delightfully... everything about this toy is excellent. I love him so much, I carry him around the house like a little kid. It's ridiculous and my kids think it's hilarious, but I don't care. 5 stars, 10/10, highly recommend this stuffy for everyone who needs a badger in their life :)

Alphonse V.
Delightfully shaped and INCREDIBLY soft.

By far the best plush badger I was able to find online.

I'm an avid plush collector and I thought suddenly "Why don't I have a plush badger? I think I need one." and so it went. After perusing Ebay for quite awhile, looking for just the right badger, and not being content with any of the options. I looked at both brands I love and collect already, and those unfamiliar to me. It wasn't until I got advertised Barry Badger that I knew I'd found the right one.

He shipped incredibly quickly, and arrived much sooner than I thought he would, despite it being the holiday season.
The grey fur on his back is so soft, I can't stop petting him!

Definitely recommended for people who want a plush badger.

Meredith Mengel

This little critter was well-crafted. The construction is precise, the amount of stuffing just right, and it is sooooo soft! I'll definitely return here when I need to buy the perfect stuffy!

Ada Humphrey

Barry Badger

Margaret Pickens
Cute and very soft

Cute little badger. I'm sure grandson will love it when he gets it for Christmas.