Lumber Jack Moose



While Moose are generally known for their great size, our little Lumber Jack is small enough to fit into your pocket! This darling mini Moose stuffed animal is sure to charm with his lanky legs and inquisitive expression. His velvety, soft coat of chocolate brown plush fur will invite little hands to cuddle him close while his realistic design will endear him to wildlife lovers of all ages. Detailed with cloven hooves, an oversized snout, and a handsome pair of antlers, Lumber Jack is a faithful recreation of his real life counterparts. And with his convenient small size, it’s easy to take this pint sized Moose out with you on all your adventures!

Additional information

Weight2.9 oz
Dimensions7 × 8 × 3 in

24 Months & Up


8" Long


(20 cm)

Stuffed Toy Size




Customer Reviews

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Clay A
Clay A

My wife received a Lumber Jack Moose in her finals months before passing away in 2021. She adored her moose given to her by our 6 year old grandson after his father purchased it in Park City UT. When she passed away, our grandson placed her moose inside her casket with her. He did not want his grandmother to be lonely.

Now, 2 years later, I received my own Lumber Jack Moose from my grandson at Christmas. It is my favorite gift of all time. I miss my bride. And I love my Lumber Jack Moose!

Super cute Moose!

Jack is such a playful, friendly little Moose. He is very inquisitive, loves to cuddle and brings a smile to everyone's face. The fine folks at Douglas were very helpful and made sure he was delivered in time to fill a little 4-year-old girl's Christmas stocking. :))

Matt Fooy
Moose Review!

Very nice moose. Soft, little, and cuddly. Received in a sweet way and I enjoy having the moose with me :) It's nice to pet the fur in the right direction and the antlers are extra soft! <3

Lovely little man!!!

I got this moose a couple years ago at a small business that was carrying a few styles. I adore this little guy, he's so soft and an adorable size + it's super well made! <3