Trooper DLux Bernese Mountain Dog


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It’s a beautiful day and Trooper, our DLux Bernese Mountain Dog stuffed animal, can’t wait to hit the trails! This loyal plush pup will eagerly lead the way on every wilderness trek and will snuggle up with you once the two of you have returned back home at the end of the day. High quality plush materials are combined with resilient polyester fill and gently weighted paws to create a huggably floppy companion who’ll hold up to a lifetime of fun and adventure. His tri-color, breed specific markings will catch the eye of everyone who adores Berners. We’ve finished Trooper’s appearance with a soft, leatherette nose and large, amber colored eyes that will warm your heart. Don’t head out on a hike without him, Trooper the steadfast plush Bernese Mountain Dog will stick with you through thick and thin!

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Weight16.8 oz
Dimensions21 × 7 × 9 in

24 Months & Up


21" Long


(53 cm)






Bernese Mountain Dog

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Customer Reviews

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Raina Linnerson

Trooper DLux Bernese Mountain Dog

Timothy Chassen

The quality can’t be beat. You won’t get a toy this nice on Amazon.

Kori H
cute but might have been washed?

I ordered and received 3 dlux plush dogs for my kids this Xmas. Though my daughter is happy with this one, the fur wasn't nearly as soft or realistic looking as the other 2 (corgi & Australian shepherd). It almost seems like we got a push that had been previously laundered. If this had come via Amazon I would have definitely returned it but I didn't want to hassle with shipping it back. 3 stars for quality/price paid.

Did not dissapoint and also very photogenic

Once again, Douglas does well with their dogs. I have also gotten the Whispy Sheltie from them. I can say that Trooper, the Bernese Mountain Dog is well-made, and he is also very photogenic, allowing me to pose him in various positions and take pictures while traveling. Some people have come up to me and are convinced that he is a real, not a stuffed dog whenever I take pictures.

One time I was in Banff, and right by the Bow River I put him on a rock and took a picture. When I texted one of my friends he was amazed by the image and was even convinced that he (Trooper) was real.

However, there is one downside. The one I got had suffered a minor seam split on the right front leg where it connected to the rest of the body. Which was easily fixable with my sewing kit. So I would advise anyone who is interested in getting this guy, is to watch around the leg seams but other than that, another well, made stuffed dog by Douglas. Looking forward to seeing what Douglas does with the DLux line in 2023.

beautiful, but very delicate

My daughter received this as a gift. I washed and put it in the dryer, but the heat from the dryer melted the fur and it is now scratchy instead of soft. Consider a different stuffed animal if your child's stuffed animals occasionally need a bath