Ralph Rat



Rat lovers rejoice, Ralph the Rat stuffed animal is a fun way to show your enthusiasm for these charismatic little critters! His lifelike proportions and size will endear him to fans. Crafted in cuddly plush fur and stuffed with resilient polyester fill, Ralph is ready for a lifetime of affection. Small, dark eyes and the pink accents of his paws, nose, ears, and tail add to his realistic appearance. Ralph’s small size makes him ideal as a tag-along friend who’ll be happy hanging out in a pocket or bag. If you’re looking for a pet who won’t need to have his cage cleaned and won’t chew any of your wires, it doesn’t get much better than Ralph, our cuddly plush Rat!

Additional information

Weight0.8 oz
Dimensions9 × 4 × 3.5 in

24 Months & Up


9" Long


(23 cm)



Customer Reviews

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Ralph Rat

My Great Granddaughter that's 3 wanted a real rat.I bought her Ralph
to put in her Easter Basket so she hasn't saw it yet.Its adorable and soft she will love it!

Fluffiest Plush I Own

It is amazing, perfectly sized, and even softer than IKEA's Blåhaj.

Ralph rat and the mouse are great

Really soft cuddly and well made

Alex F.
So cute and cuddly!

Ralph is the perfect rat pal. He is so cute and fluffy! I wouldn't want any other rat than Ralph.
My girlfriend is scared of Ralph because he is so lifelike. She often says "oof, Ralph rat" when she spots where I've hidden him. I think his lifelike-ness makes him perfect, and I wouldn't change a thing.

I cherish Ralph Rat!

I accidentally received 4 Ralphs for Christmas this year because everyone knew I was so excited about him. Now I get to share this little guy with rat-loving friends. I have 3 real pet rats and they are not as cuddly as I would like, so now I have Ralph Rat to snuggle in their stead. He has kind eyes, and he is posed to look up at you with soft expectation and love! His fur is a dream. I wish his tail & ears were made of a softer fabric, and his feet could be a little sillier, but my heart fills up when I pet his little head!! He has the shape of a bean, a good bean shape. (His legs really could be sillier.) He is really soft WOW! You have got to put your face on this rat.