Pete Alpaca



With his charmingly woolly appearance, Pete the Alpaca stuffed animal is one of the favorite animals on the farm! We’ve crafted Pete in cozy, tan colored plush that will melt into your hands every time you pick him up for a hug. A seated position allows Pete to peer out on the world with an inquisitive, dark eyed expression. Stitched facial details create Pete’s nose and mouth, while alert, upright ears add to his beguiling appearance. Cloven hooves filled with beans lend a floppiness that’s easy to cuddle and hard to resist. Alpaca lovers are sure to fall for the winsome appearance of this charming character, surprise them with Pete the plush Alpaca or keep our sweet farm friend for yourself!

Additional information

Weight4.8 oz
Dimensions9 × 8 × 9 in
Animal / Character



24 Months & Up


9" Tall Sitting


(23 cm)



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